Owners Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why should I use a professional to manage my home?
    While the reasons our clients choose professional management vary, here are some of the key reasons many people elect professional management over self-management:

    • We handle maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to sleep at night.
    • We enforce collection of rents and serve the proper notices upon failure to pay.
    • We understand and apply the correct federal, state, and local laws, keeping you and your investment out of trouble.
    • We know the local market, have an extensive network of contacts, and have advertising resources available to us at discounted rates. This allows us to effectively market your vacant home to prospective residents to get it filled.
    • After you add up the increased rent we can often command, the discounts you’ll receive on advertising, and the company rate we get on repairs, you’ll often make more money than if you managed the property yourself!
  • 2. Can I choose to disallow pets, smokers, large families, etc.?
    We comply fully with the Fair Housing Act. This means that you can not choose to disallow anyone that is a member of a protected class under the act. You can choose to disallow pets and not permit smoking in your home, but you cannot deny a service animal. If you have additional questions on the specifics of the Fair Housing Act, please see our fair housing page.
  • 3. Do you provide me with a report of activity on my property?
    Yes, we will provide you a monthly report of rent and other income received, and maintenance, repairs, and other expenses incurred. This will be provided once per month. More frequntly acount activity is posted into your online account for you to track. You can also find documents (eg. invoices) scanned and posted to your online account as they are processed. If you have questions regarding your statement, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • 4. How do I compare EXIT Realty N.F.I. with other property management companies?
    EXIT Realty N.F.I. Property Management began with a simple idea – to provide fair and honest service at a fair price. Like most property management companies, EXIT Realty N.F.I. Property Management is an independent brokerage so we set our own prices for services and determine our own product. We are long-standing members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers and adhere to their higher standards of ethics in business.

    To decide for yourself how we compare to other companies in the Greater Pensacola area, call around. Contact our competition and ask some of these questions. Then, when you call us, you will know why we are proud of the service we provide.

  • 5. What is NARPM and why should I care?
    The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) was established in 1987 to promote ethical and responsible practices amongst property managers and to protect the public.

    Why should you care? Find out by clicking: WhyUseOne.com